Stone Walls

Stone Walls

A stonewall can be a great addition to your home, as they can be unique while delivering a stunning natural stone look that will last for hundreds of years, as we hand cut all of our stone. A wall can be added to your garden, around your yard, or at your front entranceway as a way to enhance its look while also helping to keep out any unwanted visitors.

Here at New England Stoneworks we can work with you to help you choose the type of stone you want for your yard or garden, as well as working with fellow landscapers to determine the best way to make it fit in with your home and lawn.

Revetment Wall Caps

A revetment, or retaining, wall can be a great way to prevent the natural foundation around your home from fading away into Cape Cod’s National Seashores. Here at New England Stoneworks, we are interested in adding a finishing touch to your revetment wall with a beautiful, natural stone wall cap. A revetment wall cap can also serve as wall around your yard, and can be designed to fit your vision.

Contact us to learn more about the revetment wall capping process and the individuality that we can provide to yours!