Crow’s Pond, Chatham, MA

The next project that we are going to do is in Chatham, MA, overlooking Crow’s Pond. We have actually already completed some work there earlier this summer, installing a stone veneer around the house, as well as four sets of stairs and bluestone caps around the various entranceways and patios. We have also added 2 sets of egresses, which are required by code for a house without a bulkhead. Once again, we get a great view of the water here on Cape Cod to gaze at while we’re working.

We will be returning in the coming months to complete our work, finishing the granite patios and walkways, as well as a stone veneer surrounding the house, coming up about three feet from the ground. However, despite all the beautiful stonework we will be doing around this home, what we’re most excited about is the chimney and fireplaces. This house was originally constructed in the early 1800s, and the hope was to rebuild it while keeping as much of the original look intact. With that being said, we will be rebuilding five Rumford fireplaces, three on one floor and two on the next. These fireplaces will be unique to the fact that they will be a Rumford design, meaning they will be angled so as to keep heat in while allowing very little to escape with the smoke. We will also be using some bricks from the original chimneys and fireplaces for the top of the current chimney on the roof. We were very upset we had to tear the original down, but can’t wait to tackle the challenge of rebuilding it and delivering a product that would make the original builders, and our customer, very proud.

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