Nauset Beach, Orleans, MA

Right now we are working on a new construction home, overlooking Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA. It is a magnificent spot with a great view of the water, making for a really pleasant work environment. We always sit in the back of the house while eating lunch, as the view of the water is almost too good to pass up.

The home is one of very unique architecture inside and out, and that starts with the granite water table that wraps around the house, complete with a bluestone cap that comes up right around where the window starts. Each stone is cut and hand-worked before being laid, ensuring a nice, natural stone look, varying in size and color.

In addition to the water table, we are also going to be building two chimneys, which include three fireplaces. We will also be using varying sizes and colors of granite, although will be including some larger stones on the fireplaces inside the home and porch area. The chimneys will run naturally into the water table, while continuing to display that same natural look. Our work will be completed with six sets of steps leading to the various doors around the home, as well as a few granite columns along the front entranceway. We have really enjoyed the challenges this project has presented so far and look forward to delivering a beautiful finished product in the coming months.

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